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Our Story

We know what you want for your kitchen.

You don’t want to be pulling up in the culinary equivalent of a clown car at meal times. You want to be pulling up in a Ferrari. 

But… you don’t want to pay the cost of a small car for one crockpot either.

So, we’ve taken the idea that designer cookware has to cost a fortune... and we’ve tossed it. We’ve given you luxe European looks, but at prices where you’ve still got the cash to do the things you love… like go to Europe.

We also know you’ve actually only got one hotplate on the stove that’s your favourite, so why make you buy a dozen pans to just sit in the cupboard. We put you in the driver’s seat to set up your kitchen exactly the way you want. 

Our vision was to create kitchenware that empowers you to cook more frequently at home with a line of stylish and affordable kitchenware.

We always wondered why most kitchenware comes in boring colours and traditional design so we set out to change that with Scandinavian styling and contemporary colours made for the modern lifestyle.

Ritual Unions Team

Make your kitchen yours.

This is NOT your nana's cookware.

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