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Billy - Kettle

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Turn up the heat with Billy 

Hot water on your terms. Boil 7 cups of water in under 7 minutes with the Scandinavian inspired Billy cordless kettle from Ritual Unions. Thoughtfully designed with a 1.7L stainless steel body and soft touch rubberised finish, the Billy is made for your kitchen and your lifestyle.

With its clean, simple lines, subtle colors and powerful 1500-watt system the Billy brings comfort and performance to today's minimalist kitchens. Function meets beauty with must have safety features including an automatic shut-off, boil-dry protection and an integrated easy-poor, no-spill spout. An inbuilt removable/washable filter keeps your cordless kettle running and your water clear, whilst the 360 degree base has cord storage to keep your counter space free.Created for the modern home, Ritual Unions combines bold design, contemporary colors and modern silhouettes for high-performance appliances that look beautiful on your kitchen counter.

  • Our signature Nordic inspired design, colors and soft touch finishes
  • Streamlined stainless steel body with integrated easy-pour spout
  • Powerful 1500-watt system with rapid boil
  • Blue On/Off switch with LED indicator
  • Automatic shut-off and dry-boil protection
  • 360 degree base with cord storage
  • Removable / Washable scale filter
  • Rubberised handle
  • Looks great with your Big Poppa Toaster and Little Blendy blender

    • Our signature Nordic inspired design.

    • Available in a range of contemporary colours and signature finishes that suit any counter.

    • Heavy duty stainless steel body with soft-touch finishes.

    • Engineered to last - Based on 20 years of perfecting technology, design and craft. Our appliances are made to stand up to the rigours of your kitchen.

    • We care about people and the environment. Our appliances are manufactured in BSCI accredited factories. 

    Complete the family

    Complete the family


    Ritual Unions is taking appliances to a new, Instagram-friendly level.

    Olivia Jones Surry hills, Sydney

    An elegant choice of kettle for anyone looking to bring some simple Scandinavian style to their kitchen. It stands out for offering a premium feel for a great price.

    Andrew Evans South Yarra, Australia

    More about Billy (Kettle)

    How do I clean my kettle?

    Before cleaning make sure you have unplugged your Billy and let it cool down. Wipe with a damp cloth, then dry. Do not use abrasives they will scratch the rubber surfaces. Clean the inside and the filter regularly. Remove the filter by holding the tab and then lifting the filter out. Regular descaling improves the performance of your kettle. Vinegar can be used to descale your kettle (please refer to user manual).

    Can I heat milk or other liquids in my kettle?

    The kettle was designed to be an incredibly efficient water heater/boiler. Provide you the best experience possible with water only. Please don't use the Billy with milk or any other liquids. Doing so will void your warranty. 

    What’s the minimum and maximum capacity I can boil?

    Bill has the mini capacity of 0.8L and the maximum capacity of 1.7L, as shown on the water window. To maintain your kettle in a safe environment, do not boil under or over the recommended units.

    How often should my kettle be descaled?

    Every few months in hard water areas or if obvious scaling has taken place. Scaling will shorten the Billy's life.

    More about Big Poppa (toaster)

    Can I toast bagels or other bread types?

    Yes, Big Poppa has wide slots, suitable for bagels and hand-cut bread.

    Can I cancel my toast at any time?

    Yes, you can, just press the cancel button.

    How do I clean my toaster?

    Before cleaning make sure you have unplugged your Big Poppa and let it cool down. Slide out the crumb tray, clean it and then replace. Wipe the outside of the toaster with a damp cloth, and then dry. Do not use abrasives; they will scratch the rubber surfaces.

    What is a removable crumb tray?

    It is a tray at the bottom of the toast, letting you dispose of crumbs easily. Just three simple steps: remove, clean, and then replace.

    More about Little Blendy (blender)

    Can I process hot ingredients?

    Hot ingredients will damage your Little Blendy. Please cool down to room temperature before blending.

    What is Miller used for?

    Miller is a small attachment used especially for grinding coffee beans and chopping up herbs and nuts.

    Can I add ingredients during operations?

    Yes, but never remove the lid while your blender is running. To add ingredients during operation, stop the machine first, then open the lid. 

    What are the recommended ingredients for each speed setting?

    The lowest speed (1-3) setting should be used for thin and light mixtures such as milk for frothing, light batters, and milkshakes. The higher speeds (4-5) should be used for thicker mixtures such as soups, pate’s and mayonnaises. The pulse is useful for anything, if a quick but short burst of power is needed, it is also ideal for ice crushing.


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