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Zoom Everyday Knives - Chef Knife Set
Zoom Everyday Knives - Chef Knife Set
Zoom Everyday Knives - Chef Knife Set
Zoom Everyday Knives - Chef Knife Set
Zoom Everyday Knives - Chef Knife Set
Zoom Everyday Knives - Chef Knife Set
Zoom Everyday Knives - Chef Knife Set
Zoom Everyday Knives - Chef Knife Set

Everyday Knives - Chef Knife Set

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Get your chop on with Ritual Unions Everyday Knives 3 Piece Chef's Set.

Beautiful tools create beautiful kitchen moments. This Ritual Unions 3-piece Knife Set is perfect for those looking to consolidate their knife collection into the essentials. The set includes: Chef Knife to slice, chop, dice, and mince; Serrated Utility Knife to easily cut through hard exteriors; and Paring Knife to peel and create garnishes. These innovative knives feature fresh white easy-grip handles that fit comfortably in your hand and ultra-sharp long lasting German stainless steel blades.

1x Big Cut 8" Chef Knife
Our classic European style chef knife, designed to gently 'rock' as you cut with speed and precision.

1x Jagged Edge 8" Serrated Knife
The best thing since sliced bread, this knife won't disappoint when it comes to cutting through hard exteriors. Featuring a pointed and wide serration profile for the best cutting experience.

1x Little Cut 3.5" Paring Knife
With ultimate manoeuvrability and control, this knife excels at small tasks in the kitchen like cutting small vegetables, peeling fruit, and slicing oddly-shaped ingredients.

  • A European designed set of essential knives for any kitchen
  • Full-tang, ultra-sharp German steel blades engineered for superior edge retention
  • Double bolster and triple riveted handles for perfect balance and precise control
  • White easy-grip handles styled for the modern kitchen
  • Lightweight durability suitable for all-purpose cutting
  • Five-year hassle-free replacement for manufacturer faults


• Knives should be hand washed.

• Store in knife rack to prolong knife life.

• Sharpen with whetstone of contact local sharpening specialist.

• Ultra-sharp blades, handle with care.

Complete the family

Complete the family


I am not a professional chef but I feel like one with these knives. Beautiful construction and the materials are the best I have ever used and I have tried many

Alice Fraser Bondi, Australia

Lifetime knives! These are professional knives that are every bit the level of the popular German names. Great balance, weight and sharpness.

Oliver Hayes Gold Coast, Australia

More about our knives

What materials do you use?

Ritual Unions knives are made from German stainless steel, is a high- carbon steel that provides superior durability and strength for excellent cutting performance. Innovative white easy-grip handles made of POM, well known engineering plastic, environmental resistant, that fit comfortably in your hand.

How should I care for my Ritual Unions knives?

We recommend hand-washing your knives with warm, soapy water and a soft sponge. Store in a knife rack to prolong knives life. Sharpen with whetstone or contact a local sharpening specialist.

What is the serrated knife best suited for?

Jagged Edge is a must-have knife in your collection. It is perfect for slicing foods with a tough outer crust and delicate interior like bread, cakes, tomatoes, citrus fruits, or eggplants.


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